Other Components:
     Most components sold separately


Centers All styles on Wheels page

Rim Halves
From 1-10 inch inners and 1-12 inch polished or coated outers (15 and 16 inch diameter)

Center Caps
We offer billet aluminum or stamped steel (Billet can be engraved with our logo or yours)

We offer custom and standard spacers to get the correct fitment (round or star patterns)

Hardware Options
Bolts are standard in steel and available in stainless. Nuts are standard in yellow cadmium (gold color) and available in stainless.

McGard Lug Nuts
chrome, open-ended with stainless steel washer (Guaranteed for life)

Optional Finishes
brightly polished, anodized, and powder coated. Bright polish finish is standard, anodizing or powder coating are optional. Nearly any color is available in anodized or powdered coated finish.


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