79-03 Mustang

A Replacement Strut Assembly for the 79-99 Mustangs! With a 2" dropped spindle, you will leave your steering geometry the same as factory installed. When lowering a Mustang with springs or the upper mounting you create a steering problem that could be very dangerous!

So,have full suspension travel, good steering geometry, improved road feel, better ackerman and lighter in weight.

When you purchase a new AJE Mustang strut assembly, you get a coilover kit, caster/camber plates, and all the other advantages mentioned earlier.

AJE suspensions a very good value if you want to go fast and look good! These are A DIRECT BOLT-IN!!!


Mustang 79-93
Chevy II 66-67
Mustang 94-05
Camaro/Firebird 82-92  

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