We would like to thank UNIFIRST, AJE Racing, Holeshot Rims, Steeltree Construction, Flowmaster, and Ark Hot Rods for the 2008 season and the support you have given to MurrayZonePeroformance.  Throughout this year we had some highs and lows but we were able to finish 6th in points, while setting a new stock suspension record twice.  Running 8.76@159.68 in Hot Street and 8.58@157.20 in Pro Stock.

Roush thank you for all you done.  Changing motor combinations in the middle of the season was very trying but you showed your true colors time after time on how to handle your customers.  We are very happy to be a part of a 1st class team.

The Year 2009 will bring some very interesting things for MurrayZonePerformance show stay tune to hear the upcoming news for 2009.

Again, thank you for your support and we’re excited about continuing our partnership next year.



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