Team Motto:

Being the best at what you do doesn't come over night, however, believing that you have prepared for this moment, your best will come.


Owner: David Murray


Name: John Evans                        
Hometown: GroveCity, Ohio
Age: 44
Status: Married - Debbie Evans
Children: Julie, Kristy, Kelli
Hobbies: Bowling, racing
Occupation: Vice President of Steeltree Construction
Years of Racing: 10
Name: D J Mayle                                   
Hometown: Cutler, Ohio
Age: 39
Status: Single
Hobbies: Racing, fishing and hunting
Occupation: Chemical Operator
Years of Racing: 5
Computer guru
Name: Richie O'Neal                             
Hometown: Reynoldsburg, Ohio
Age: 35
Status: Married - Terry
Children: Richie
Hobbies: Slot Racing, Drag Racing, Ebay junky
Occupation: Speed parts specialist (Jeg's)
Years of Racing: 11
Enforcer aka "Mountain"
Name: Tim McKinely                              
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Age: 29
Status: Married - Tamuriel
Children: Xiomaria, Xahria, Timothy
Hobbies: Fishing, Collecting sport cards, football
Occupation: High School Administrator
Video Specialist
Name: Jerry Murray                               
Hometown: Woodbine, NJ
Age: 39
Status: Single
Children: Gee, Josh
Hobbies: DJ'ing, Photography, Bowling and Golfing
Occupation: Senior Therapy Program Assistant, President of AFSCME local 2210, Director of Recreation


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