By combining a passion for motorsports with a competitive spirit, magnetic personality, attention to detail and never give up attitude, David Murray is definitely in the Zone! While piloting the Murray Zone Performance 1992 Ford Mustang, his determination to excel at everything he pursues is why fans and fellow racers agree that he has what it takes to be a champion!

David's interest in drag racing started with his father and uncle, who were well known for their fast cars. His father's large trophies and NASCAR races on the radio quickly hooked him on the sport of auto racing. While attending Carson-Newman College, David earned a degree in communications, hoping one day that he would pursue a career as a sports analyst. Having won 3 out of 4 national championships, David has enjoyed a successful career in football. Using his competitive nature to successfully play through his collegiate years, he began racing at the local drag strip when he was a freshman in college.  He then realized after his football career was complete; he could focus his energy one day on drag racing.

David stated that his team members are a blessing because of their unique qualities each one of them possesses; and they are what drive him to become a champion. They all agree his success in his football career will soon present itself in his drag racing team, too! His sportsmanship earns the respect of race teams and fans alike. Citing David's "never give up no matter what the circumstances" attitude and his very competitive personality, they agree that Murray Zone Performance has one "bad Hot Rod!"








Name: David J Murray
Location: Reynoldsburg, Ohio
DOB: 07/19/68
Children: Kaleb , Stephany
Favorite Restaurant: Any place that fills me up
Favorite Food: Lasagna
Favorite Movie: Any movie starring Denzel Washington
Favorite Book: Illuminati, Joe Gibbs
Favorite Sport teams: Dallas Cowboys, Michigan

How long have you been drag racing? Since 1994. Pretty much have been hooked since the early 80's watching Nascar and drag racing on ABC.

How did you get started? I grew up around racing in high school, however, I did not get serious about it until I got my license and did a little modification on my father's truck.  After that I was hooked.

What pushed you towards heads up racing? The excitement and adrenalin that I experienced when I played football.

What would you tell someone looking to start out in the heads-up racing scene? Have a plan and talk to as many people you can. There are some people who think they know, however they really don't know. Ultimately, after your intense research, find out what works for you, not them.

What are your plans for the future? To win a championship for my kids and family.

How do you feel being a black racecar driver? God has given me the skills to do what many minorities are capable of doing; we just need to tap into the right resources to compete with anyone out there. Keeping the right people in your circle is just a small part of what helps make me successful.

Do you have any nicknames? Yes I do. Some of them are Strawberry, Chay Man, Diesel Dave, Nino, and one I'm sure everyone knows Wesley

Anyone you'd like to thank? All the guys from MZRacing crew who stuck with me when it got tuff. Alec and Michael, thanks for understanding what needs to be done.  I could never tell Ben Mens from Roush Racing enough thank you.  Above all I want to thank God, trust in him and all things are possible.

  • Getting his NHRA license and knowing how much work went into achieving that goal.
  • Won his first major event sponsored by Coaxial at National Trail Raceway in 1997. He went on to finish the season with 4 runner-up showings!
  • In 1998, he ran the Jeg's point's championship series qualifying to represent the division 3 street class. Overall, he finished that season in the top 10
  • Established the first Inaugural All-Motor Real Street Shootout at National Trails Raceway and 2005
  • Made my first career start at the Quartermaster NMRA Ford Expo 2005 (Hot Street Class)
  • Qualified # 1 in two races and finished the season with two career victories for 2005
  • Finished in the top 15 for National Mustang Racing Association (NMRA) Hot Street points
  • Chosen to represent NMRA for Ohio on media day in 2005
  • Selected by NMRA staff to do a radio interview on K95.5fm for Quartermaster NMRA Ford Expo 2005


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